Artist Spotlight: Blax

Blax is a rapper from Zimbabwe aged 25 years old. He is currently based in the city of Harare and this is where he was born. After going to an uptown high school whilst he was coming from the ghetto, Blax found himself immersed in a high life culture of hiphop (as the culture is understood in his home country). This is the background that moulded his rap style, content and even image.

However Blax remains connected to his roots in his music which is solely centred on self reflection, social consciousness and ambitions. In 2014, Blax worked on his first ever mixtape titled “Tail Lights” and this marked the beginning of his career in the music industry. Fast forward to 2018, which is more or less 4 years later after his first drop, Blax released his first album Mazes whish was fairly received  and up to this day it is still getting spins because of its depth and magnitude in terms of lyricism and relatability.

64hiphop staff

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