On The One’s and Two’s With Numb G

His name is not new in the Kenyan hiphop scenes. In fact many who know him affirm that he is set to become one of the most watched rappers come 2021. 64HIPHOP sat with the multilatented rapper, speaking about his music and also his current and future plans on his works.

Tell us how you found yourself immersed in the hiphop industry.

I always knew what I wanted to do and it has forever been music maan, so I just pulled up at “focus media” the first studio I recorded in and released my first track which was Cash out ft trabo t. And I’ve been in studio since doing good hip hop music.

Who/What inspired you to get into hiphop?

Good music from within and abroad and the urge to express my self in rapping,, I think good music plays a key role coz that’s what I will be doing for life but I also grew up admiring what lil Wayne has been doing throughout his music career.

Tell us more about Afrocentric, you have been closely linked with the group. Are you part of the founders, or you roll as a solo artist?

Afrocentric is a group of four which I’m not part of we’ve been linked in some major projects but no,, I’m a solo artist although I had my own crew the quad flow gang which broke up some time ago. So I’m currently solo like I wanna be.

What are some of the current projects that are underway?

I will be dropping aah… more videos in the coming months followed by an audio EP and maybe later the shades freestyle so it’s work on work.

As a rapper, how has COVID affected your work in general?

It hasn’t been easy doing music this particular period man considering the music isn’t really paying, it’s been more spending and little in return. It kinda slowed the whole thing actually.

There are complaints about artists not receiving their fair share of their work via royalties, do you believe that the CMOS are skewed thus affecting artistes in general?

Yeah I believe so, I think that what we artists are paid in Kenya should be way past what we receive or mostly don’t.

As an artist, who is your ideal fan?

I love and respect everyone who listens and finds my music entertainingly constructive and vibes to that.

What is your forecast on Kenyan hiphop in the next 3-5 years?

hip hop music is factually going to be on top of the Kenyan music industry in 3-5 years time come what may.

Any word of advice to aspiring rappers who look unto you?

Hahaa aah,, I think it’s just save some good money and put out some good music. Sometimes talent can be depressing😂😂.just that

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