One On One With Hiphop Duo Part Time Cooks

64hiphop caught up with the legendary hiphop duo who have been making waves this year, this is their story.

Who is Part Time Cooks?
Part Time Cooks is Black Moss from Durban, South Africa and Saul Goode from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Tell us your music background.
We both grew up around music, with Saul’s father being a Jazz musician and Moss’s an avid Soul crate digger.

What inspired you to group together and be a powerful duo?
The group formed organically as we use to be each other’s hype man at local gigs here in Seoul. Once we started recording together the next logical step was to continue as a team toward the same goal.

Tell us more about your single Dope Dealer?
“Dope Dealer” gives a little taste of everything Part Time Cooks have to offer. A range of delivery styles, from Black Moss’s seamless transitions from Zulu to English, to Saul Goode’s far-from-monotone verse, combined with lyrically substantial authentic vulnerability, “Dope Dealer” flashes an insight into the theme of Sacrifices.

What inspires you?
We are inspired literally by everything around us. Relationships, aspirations, struggle, the pain, Love, it all comes together to shape our sound and who we are as people.

What is your take on African Hip hop in terms of growth?
The African hip hop market is now a substantial part of global hip hop music. The foundation that has been getting laid since the 90’s is now resulting in international stars that have fan bases in a number of continents. The leap in the quality of music being produced is also being made at the pace of the 1st world markets. Africa is also a major influencer of trends in entertainment. icons like Beyonce and Rihanna getting inspiration from African dance culture is one example.

Who is your fan?
Our fans are open minded in the sense that they do not confine hip hop to one style, location or presentation. Our fans appreciate how we are constantly switching it up and testing our songwriting abilities with every release. They respect and are hopefully are inspired by our hard work and sacrifices made in the independent grind. And they are fully behind us and support the music in every way possible.

If you were a vehicle, what would it be and why?

Part Time Cooks would be a food truck. For the obvious, and because we are constantly on the move and serving fans wherever we go. We recently toured Japan, are headed to Hong Kong, and are in talk with a few promoters to hit up Sub Saharan Africa.

What word of advice would you give to young upcoming artistes looking at you?
Our slogan is “Keep Cookin” and it simple. If you really believe in what you are doing keep doing it and push yourself to do it better. nobody starts as the best and the best will tell you it took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get there.

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